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CapreLife Global’s commitment is to continue to create a unique business that leads to productive ways of marketing and selling products and services on behalf of our global clients. Our proactive approach provides a new passion to marketing and events creating strong brand relationships with our human touch and face-to-face approach. Our goal is to build the bridge and inspire your audience by making concepts and activations come to life. We deliver measurable results through a variable cost model to substantially increase our clients’ customer base and brand recognition.

Brand Awareness 96%
Business Development 91%
Marketing 98%


Our many years of experience in brand awareness, customer acquisitions and event management allows us to create personable experiences with corporations and individuals on a national and international level.


CapreLife along with a team of professionals work closely with Fortune 500 companies understanding the importance of “vision” to create brand awareness that stands out in a fast paced and saturated market.


With a background in marketing, fashion and events, it’s no secret that CapreLife plays an integral part to our clients success. Since establishing ourselves in Sydney, Australia in 2010, our growth has been exciting as we have transitioned throughout the US and Canada.

Happy Customers
Cups of Coffee
Miles Traveled
% Commitment

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CapreLife Global’s clients benefit from our professional ethics, image and work on their behalf to implement sales and marketing campaigns which can provide instant results using our business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and events based marketing systems.


CapreLife are leaders in customer acquisitions, and we pride ourselves on developing unique campaigns and brand recognition for our clients by using effective direct marketing campaigns.

Global Coverage

Our market reach extends across America as well as the UK, Europe and Australia. By creating an engaging and compelling face-to-face marketing campaigns we generate a higher ROI than any other outsourced service in our market.

Personal Approach

We commit ourselves to guarantee results through delivering marketing and event strategies based on our superior industry knowledge. Our aim is to provide a professional approach and increase customer satisfaction leaving a lasting impression for all those involved.

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CapreLife Global Discusses Goal Setting Factors

CapreLife Global Discusses Goal Setting Factors

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CapreLife Global Discusses Ways to Be Inspired

CapreLife Global Discusses Ways to Be Inspired

“As leaders and business entrepreneurs, we create our own creative factors that lead to development and success. Sometimes we work extremely hard, and we often face adversities because of negative situations. This is when creativity is needed the most, it happens when an individual is inspired,” says Lisa Capre, managing director of CapreLife Global. No matter…

CapreLife Global Shares 3 Ways to Bounce Back From Adversities

CapreLife Global Shares 3 Ways to Bounce Back From Adversities

We all go through some form of difficulties in life. At CapreLife Global, we know that adversities break an individual down. To lose something so cherished or have it destroyed in natural disasters, for example, is stressful and sad. We’re here to remind and share that you will always bounce back because these things can…

CapreLife Global Shares The Importance of Self-Love and Confidence

CapreLife Global Shares The Importance of Self-Love and Confidence

Valentines Day was just a few days ago, and we know how important that is for couples and romantics. The most prominent assumption that revolves around Valentine’s Day is the fact that couples and people in love should be the only ones that enjoy it. However, that is not necessarily true. “At CapreLife Global, we…

CapreLife Global’s December Reflection

CapreLife Global’s December Reflection

From time to time, CapreLife Global likes to look back and reflect on how far we’ve come. Whether it may be personal goals or professional ones, the evidence that you’ve made it means the world. Recently at CapreLife Global, our CEO has shared with us some of her reflections over the time. December is a…

CapreLife Global’s Ceo is from Australia, lived in NY, Chicago and now Miami

CapreLife Global’s Ceo is from Australia, lived in NY, Chicago and now Miami

CapreLife Global’s CEO tells us to live to the fullest. There is always something to explore, something to see and never-ending possibilities. It’s also important to make sure you’re taking chances and feeling that you have lived. “Being from Australia, and then living in NYC, Chicago and now Miami — I consider myself to be…

Our direct marketing approach allows us to create strong personable relationships.