About Us

With a background in marketing, fashion and events, it’s no secret that CapreLife Global plays an integral part to our client’s success. Our many years of experience in brand awareness, customer acquisitions, and event management allows us to create personable experiences with corporations and individuals on a national and international level.

Since establishing ourselves in Sydney, Australia in 2010, our growth has been exciting as we transitioned to Toronto, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, and now Miami. CapreLife along with a team of professionals work closely with Fortune 500 companies understanding the importance of “vision” to create brand awareness that stands out in a fast paced and saturated market.

Our commitment is to continue to create a unique business that leads to productive ways of marketing and selling products and services on behalf of our global clients. Our proactive approach provides a new passion for marketing and events creating strong brand relationships with our human touch and face-to-face approach. Our goal is to build the bridge and inspire your audience by making concepts and activations come to life. We deliver measurable results through a variable cost model to substantially increase our clients’ customer base and brand recognition.

Of all the accomplishments and business success we achieved to date, it is the relationships we have built along the way. CapreLife Global are now experts in business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and events based marketing. We provide expert advice and specially tailored campaigns to suit our client’s specific requirements.