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CapreLife Global Loves The Winning Mentality

CapreLife Global Loves The Winning Mentality

We love that our representatives play hard and work harder. At CapreLife Global, we believe that greatness appears in an individual’s life with making a significant change, accountability and real focus. However, understand that you can be great and instilling that mindset is the first step. “Recently, our client in the telecoms industry gave two brand new flat screen TV’s for two people with a winning mentality,” mentions CapreLife Global. This is important because once our clients notice a winning mentality, that means that we have it. What is a winning mentality though? For us at CapreLife Global, a winning mentality happens when individuals try and strive to be the best they can be. There’s always something you can do to be better than you are, deep down you’ll be reminded of that also.


“Training your mind to understand the importance of a challenge, focusing on practicing successful habits, and implementing these valuable tools into your life — this is something that helps us figure out what we need to do to be successful and keep going,” says CapreLife Global. Take a look at athletes, why is LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers so successful? It’s his winning mentality and confidence to be better each day. Whenever he is asked about his performance, he makes sure to mention that he can be better — which is a great factor to realize. The understanding that having a winner’s mentality will get you far and help you develop your goals is crucial.


Give yourself credit as well, from time to time when you know that you’re putting in the work to achieve what you want, make sure to note it down. Strive for continuous improvement and commit to being the person that makes up for any gaps or adversity coming your way. Being successful does not come easy and a winning mentality does not come easy. “Once you develop good habits and the mindset of confidence to achieving anything you put your mind towards, that’s when you can say you have a winner’s attitude and mentality.


CapreLife Global Discusses The Value of Gratitude

CapreLife Global Discusses The Value of Gratitude

“When was the last time you felt satisfied and genuinely content with life? It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the bad and let the good go unnoticed. However, there are various studies and research that help us understand that gratitude is one of the most indispensable qualities a person can practice,” says managing director of CapreLife Global. Scientifically proven research shows the effect of gratitude. “Through the ability to practice gratitude, we’re able to see reasonably, transparently, positivity and more happily,” says CapreLife Global.


Expressing Gratitude Strengthens Relationships


On Success Magazine, writer Najma Khorrami talks about gratitude being necessary. She says, “Robert Emmons, Ph.D., a gratitude researcher, writes, “When you become truly aware of the value of your friends and family members, you are likely to treat them better, perhaps producing an ‘upward spiral,’ a sort of positive feedback loop, in which strong relationships give you something to be grateful for, and in turn fortifying those very same relationships. Healthy relationships make us happy. How? According to the longest-running study on human development by Harvard University, the No. 1 predictor of health and happiness in a person’s life is the quality of their relationships.” This is such a great reminder. “It’s proven on a real level. Appreciation and gratitude does strengthen connections,” says CapreLife Global.


Expressing Gratitude Leads to Well-Being


Khorrami also mentions that “Researchers from the University of California, Davis and the University of Miami found that after regularly expressing gratitude for ten weeks, study participants reported feeling more optimistic about their lives. Optimism, in turn, has been shown to be a life-lengthening trait in a recent Harvard University study. Regarding the impact on overall health, one study found that “Optimism may significantly influence mental and physical well-being by the promotion of a healthy lifestyle….” The whole well-being seems to be influenced by optimism, which can be strengthened by gratitude.


Gratitude Brings Positive Emotions


Making sure that we are practicing gratitude does help us feel more brighter and positive. It changes our perspective over time. Research clearly shows that gratuity is known to increase dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, which give us the feeling of contentment,” says CapreLife Global


CapreLife Global Shares Mastering Communication & Listening Better

CapreLife Global Shares Mastering Communication & Listening Better

“Lack of communication, negative situations, mistakes and ineffective decisions happen in a group environment. In our industry, communication is essential for growth. To grow and do good, we need to be able to effectively get your point across and make sure the other person is listening. It goes both ways because one should be a good listener and know when to speak/not speak,” says CapreLife Global. At CapreLife Global we make sure to mention the effectivity of good communication at most of our meetings. Even the best listeners and talkers need a reminder now and then. “The best listeners have difficulty remembering what was said to them. This is because we only maintain a little of what we hear overtime,” says CapreLife Global.


A recent study shows that students and business professionals were asked to reveal what they had heard during a conference. They revealed that only 50% of what was heard was dropped and the retention was dropped later to 25%! Which is insane and shows the mastering communication and listening better are crucial for growth in our industry. Job hirers and companies are looking for people with the keen ability to listen. “It is crucial when you’re learning a job because you’ll interact better in a group environment if you are able to listen well and speak when the right moment comes,” says CapreLife Global.


One great quality that individuals have is listening to a speaker with care, understanding and empathy. Trying to see the situation from the speaker’s point of view and not making them feel like they are irrelevant. This comes in very importantly in our industry because our representatives can master the art of communication through just as simple as listening effectively. BEcoming a better listener takes practice and time, but it also sharpens your skills. So the next time you’re in a conversation, make sure you keep the conversation going and flowing by as simple as listening and asking the speaker about them.

CapreLife Global Shares “Leaders Can Shape Company Culture Through Their Behaviors”

CapreLife Global Shares “Leaders Can Shape Company Culture Through Their Behaviors”

Can you remember a manager, boss, or superior that was one of the greatest leaders you have ever met? These types of individuals move another person’s perspective, and it makes sense as to why a company culture works through them. “It’s because of business leaders that are exceptionally awesome that their company culture becomes great as well,” says managing director of CapreLife Global. Company culture has been a huge topic recently. We’ve all heard of the very cool perks workers have when they work for Google or Facebook. “Company culture should make representatives want to stay and be around as much as possible. It makes work a kind of sanctuary that provides a comfort zone for professionalism; while getting your tasks accomplished on the daily,” says CapreLife Global.


According to the Harvard Business Review, an article called “Leaders Can Shape Company Culture Through Their Behaviors” by Jim Whitehurst writes “For me, an organizational culture is defined by how people inside the organization interact with each other. Culture is learned behavior — it’s not a by-product of operations. It’s not an overlay. We create our organizational culture by the actions we take; not the other way around […] Picture the following scenario. A group of executives decides that their organizational culture needs to become more “customer focused.” But when you look at the agenda of their meetings, there’s no time devoted to discussing how they can improve their customers’ experience. And how much time do those executives actually spend out in the field, visiting customers, let alone fielding calls from them? If these executives prioritize something other than customers in their behavior, don’t you think the rest of the organization will follow suit?”


“This is a great example. Company culture should run on what you want to achieve. If your vision is to have a focus on certain things such as client satisfaction or reaching high targets, your culture should aim to have the sort of mindset and environment for your workers to see how to achieve this goal,” says CapreLife Global. It’s a leader’s job of the company to implement this type of behavior so that the outcome results in that type of company culture. Whitehurst also writes, “The point is that building an innovative culture starts by looking at how you behave as a leader toward those trying to innovate. The same is true about any kind of culture: It all begins with the behavior of your leaders. To say that another way, if you are interested in changing the culture of your organization, your first step should be to look in the mirror and make sure you are setting the kind of behavioral example you want everyone else to follow.” “This ensures that leaders have a huge role in their company, not just the worker’s actions. But working together and having a good mindset produces results,” says CapreLife Global.


CapreLife Global Shares Proven Scientific Ways That Creativity Reduces Stress

CapreLife Global Shares Proven Scientific Ways That Creativity Reduces Stress

Let’s think about this for a moment: When you’re stressed out, rather than stressing out some more and giving yourself anxiety — try doing something creative. “Let that creativity be a hobby of some sort or something you enjoy doing — photography, drawing, painting, writing. These creative factors have shown proven results for improving an individual’s health when they are stressed out,” says CapreLife Global. A stress study was recently conducted to showcase how creativity can play a huge role in reducing it. Researchers tested 40 people by giving them art supplies and mentioned to draw or make anything in the next 45 mins to an hour. These researchers discovered that over 70% of individuals showed a decrease in stress causing elements and hormones. “This study proves that everyone can be creative, by utilizing something that so often stays dormant, can prove to be a valuable factor and help out tremendously,” says CapreLife Global.

We especially like this study and research that was conducted because it points out several helpful factors. One psychologist says that when you create, you are challenging your imagination which is a productive use of your mind. When you let yourself be creative and get into a flow, you are composition a distressful situation for your mind and yourself. “Many people describe creative as a way of expression. Expression is something that helps us feel free and utilizing what makes you feel and express, you’re ultimately letting yourself be productive,” says CapreLife Global.

For example, “In a study conducted by John Hopkins researchers, the brains of six accomplished jazz musicians were scanned while they improvised on a keyboard. The findings showed that there was a decrease of activity in the region of the brain known as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, which is typically associated with thought, deliberation, and self-monitoring. This is the part of the brain that you use when taking a tough exam or trying to interpret the words of a potential investor. The muted activity suggests that creativity or more precisely improvisation lowers your guard” ( The next time you feel yourself in a rut and stressed over it, make sure you are utilizing your inner creativity and letting it help you out.

CapreLife Global Shares The Value of Going Out of Your Comfort Zone

CapreLife Global Shares The Value of Going Out of Your Comfort Zone

“In order to grow and challenge yourself with everything around you, it’s important to get out of your comfort zone. There are many reasons as to why this is important. The first one is simply because you should do it to make yourself better and understand there’s more out there if you’re willing to try,” says managing director of CapreLife Global. According to a recent article on Forbes, the writer Jacob Morgan, discusses the importance of following steps to get out of your comfort zone. His article, “Why Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Career” starts out by talking about what he did and how he came to a realization that this is the best thing to do. Morgan writes, “I firmly believe that getting out of my comfort zone was one of the most important things I have done for my career, but it took me a long time to realize that. I’m hoping that what I share below will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone, regardless of whether you are a senior executive or a junior level worker. For someone who is self-employed, this is crucial.”


“We love how Morgan is openly sharing his experience of getting out of his comfort zone. He mentions in an interview he did about his work and how that challenged him to reach out of his comfort zone,” says CEO of CapreLife Global. Morgan says, “I finally started to do both of these things. I really got inspired by the work that Jay Baer was and is doing with his blog, video series, and podcast (among other things). The guy is an absolute content machine and is always trying to find innovative ways to share his ideas. So, I decided to try some new things myself, hence the launch of The Future of Work Podcast and The Future in 5 (video series) both of which get shared here on this blog. I remember when I first start speaking in front of large groups of people how strange and awkward that felt, but I had to force myself to do it because it’s an important way to spread ideas and build a brand.”


At CapreLife Global, we believe that getting out of your comfort zone provides you with new and exciting opportunities. These opportunities will either show you what you want or show you what you don’t. Morgan puts this perfectly, “You will find that the more you get out of your comfort zone, the more opportunities you will find in your professional and personal life. It’s no secret that the world of work is changing that employees and organizations who cling to the status quo (aka comfort) are going to be the first ones to become obsolete.”


CapreLife Global Shares 3 Ways Successful People Influence Themselves

CapreLife Global Shares 3 Ways Successful People Influence Themselves

Being able to motivate yourself is a reliable quality. “The more we are motivated and influence ourselves, the more we’re confident in our abilities,” says CapreLife Global. When an individual is able to be influence themselves, they influence others and becomes a leader figure. For example, in the business field, we are given the honor of being among some of the most successful individuals. We learn strategies and methods for marketing as well as implement them thoroughly. Our representatives at CapreLife Global are also very in tune with an understanding that influence is an important aspect of professionalism. There are various ways to influence yourself. Some of them are just as simple as believing in your ability and applying it decisively. So since influence goes hand in hand with brain power and intellect, here are some ways many of the best and smartest individuals motivate themselves.


Control VS. Uncontrollable


“We always try to control situations. If a method doesn’t work we resort to other measures to make sure it happens. Something thing changes, plans change and that’s completely okay. But your attitude is what matters. When you make peace with the fact that things change, you worry less about it, and you give yourself the power to control the situation,” says CapreLife Global.




Put your perspective and view on what matters. Don’t worry about unnecessary thing because you will be wasting time. Your time is valuable, it’s underrated, and it matters a lot. Think about it this way:  “is this investment worth it?” train your mind to see the bigger picture and let go of a toxic mindset.


Utilize Feedback


Influential individuals understand that feedback is the most important aspect to growing. “If you’re growing, you’re dying. If you are not learning you’re not thriving,” says CapreLife Global. One of the greatest challenges in life is motivating yourself to be the person you see at the highest point. There’s always someone better, but be better for yourself so that you’re confident.


CapreLife Global Shares How To Be Optimistic

CapreLife Global Shares How To Be Optimistic

In the midst of feeling negativity, there is always a ray of hope somewhere. “Many times we have various reasons to feel hopeless, negative and helpless when we’re faced with a challenge. But there are various tactics to help you combat these negative feelings. How you move forward depends on your ability to think optimistically,” says managing director of CapreLife Global At CapreLife Global, our motto is very simple. Positivity leads positive results. It doesn’t matter that you’ve come across a challenge. You can either let the challenge defeat your spirits, or you can build up the courage to combat any hurdles you’re facing. “Individuals that have passions and goals need to understand that negativity and struggles are temporary, they can be tackled with a strong mindset and positive vibe,” says CapreLife Global.


CapreLife Global has come up with a few tactics to help with tackling negativity and lead a more optimistic mindset. Not only will it be resourceful for your future, but you will accomplish a lot.


Take Action


One of the best ways to defeat a negative vibe is by taking action towards better things. For example, instead of feeling bad that you failed, find a way or make a plan to try a different strategy. Make a decision to do certain things to make yourself feel better about what is troubling you.




“This is probably the simplest but hardest things to do. Many times we have difficulties because we fail to acknowledge that we have so many blessings, take a moment to think of all the good things you have and that keeps you hoping for good things,” says CapreLife Global.


Listen and Inspire Yourself


Read inspirational books, blogs, and articles. Make sure you find ways to keep yourself inspired. Find a new hobby? Inspiration keeps us up and about, helps us accomplish a purpose as well.


CapreLife Global Shares The Importance of Balance in Lifestyle

CapreLife Global Shares The Importance of Balance in Lifestyle

Many individuals understand that the key to have a successful lifestyles lays in the fact that a person must commit to bringing balance of each aspect of their life. “It’s extremely important to invest time in yourself for a healthy professional work and play lifestyle. Activities such as the gym, reading an inspirational book, work, surrounding yourself with great people that have similar drive and ambitions. These are all key factors to help you in bringing an active aspect within your life,” says managing director of CapreLife Global.

At CapreLife global we like to promote healthy mind, body and attitude habits. Our representatives know the value of having balance personally and professionally. “I’ve noticed that once you maintain or develop that balance criterion, everything else tends to flow. I learn things better and feel like I am hitting all my goals to the highest level,” says CapreLife Global.


“Recently while finding the balance I need, I’ve discovered the value of networking. It has opened the doorway to make sure I surround myself with like-minded, goal-getters” says CapreLife Global. The American Gala award show is presenting itself this month, and it’s the perfect opportunity to network with business owners, potential new leaders, and innovators in our field. Two representatives from CapreLife Global will be given a chance to attend and meet all these phenomenal leaders. “My main thing is to keep learning constantly. Whether it may be through networking or to develop balance. There needs to be a drive to learn and capability of constantly absorbing new positive energy,” says CapreLife Global.


Through developing our lifestyle balance, we come across the value of networking and how important it is to take lessons from those that have been down the same route as you. Success always inspires CapreLife Global and knowing that people can accomplish great things through the same process as we are in, is something very comforting and competitive to look forward to. “Being able to better yourself constantly and find a flow personally and professionally will help your progress from being useful to becoming extraordinary,” notes CapreLife Global.


CapreLife Global Shares 5 Motivational Quotes

CapreLife Global Shares 5 Motivational Quotes

“We’ve all made excuses time and time again. For example, “I’ll start the gym tomorrow, I am too busy today,” this is a typical example of someone pushing something off and making an excuse saying they are busy. Most of the time, this person won’t even end up going “tomorrow,” unless they truly decide to motivate themselves,” says managing director of CapreLife Global. At CapreLife Global, we don’t believe in excuses. Excuses are merely self-made hurdles you create for yourself that are in between you and your dreams. “I always tell my team that if you want to accomplish something, hit high numbers or just, in general, be better for yourself, you need to start by eliminating excuses and getting motivated by the fact that you can do whatever you set your mind to,” says CapreLife Global. Our representatives at CapreLife Global have come with 5 of the best motivational quotes to help us stay away from excuses and on the route to success.


“Never make excuses. Your friends don’t need them, and your foes won’t believe them.” ―John Wooden


“Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” ―George Washington Carver


“A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.” —John Burroughs


“The trouble with excuses is that they become inevitably difficult to believe after they’ve been used a couple of times.” ―Scott Spencer


“Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. Never excuse yourself.” ―Henry Ward Beecher