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CapreLife Global Discusses Goal Setting Factors

CapreLife Global Discusses Goal Setting Factors

At CapreLife Global we know that healthy goal setting habits make or break our route towards anything we want to reach. All of our representatives at CapreLife Global see the importance of goals and the value they hold in the long run. It’s the development that we believe in. Many people tend to congratulate people based off the ending and victory. But it’s the method, structure, and path that will take you towards success. “Goal setting is important because not only is it beneficial in the long run, but it helps provide focus. Goals, in general, help you expand your horizon and go beyond what you ever thought was possible,” says Lisa Capre of CapreLife Global. Pushing the barriers of how you perceive things and reaching the impossible means that you’re willing to utilize your potential to the maximum.

Make Your Goals Reachable and Realistic

One of the most negative things people do is overestimate their ability and squeeze a goal into a time limit. Depending on the type of goal it is, it can take either a week or a year. You can’t force something that will only get better with time. Always have a realistic perception and action towards a goal. For example, losing 1 pound in 1-2 weeks, that’s something that is possible. It will take time to lose 50 lbs, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Evaluate and Go Over

Give your goals a refresher. From time to time, we often forget why we make our goals. Evaluating them puts our goals into perspective, as well as helping us to clear our mindset towards them. This is the only way to tell how everything is going for you. If you feel like you lack in some areas along this route, you can change it. That’s what evaluation is for. “It gives objective, and it’s a way to look at your trials and victories in life,” says Lisa Capre of CapreLife Global.


Hold yourself accountable when it comes to your goals and dreams. From time to time, let someone you trust know how your target is doing. If you had a plan to finish something by the end of this week, then make sure you finish it. Let yourself or someone you know well to hold you accountable and believe in your abilities as much as you do.
CapreLife Global Discusses Ways to Be Inspired

CapreLife Global Discusses Ways to Be Inspired

“As leaders and business entrepreneurs, we create our own creative factors that lead to development and success. Sometimes we work extremely hard, and we often face adversities because of negative situations. This is when creativity is needed the most, it happens when an individual is inspired,” says Lisa Capre, managing director of CapreLife Global. No matter what happens or what life throws your way, understand that it is temporary. Any lapse or error is always temporary with the ability to be altered. Our minds are often wired to think that adverse situations have no light. This is the wrong mentality, to cultivate motivation and positivity, it’s essential to inspire yourself continually. What do you love, what do you read, what’s your favorite place — visit that and do those things that help you grow so that you can channel that energy into work and your professional life.  “With the right amount of balance, we can create our own inspiration and build our efforts through that,” says Lisa Capre of CapreLife Global. Once inspiration strikes, it’s hard to miss it.

The first thing to do when you’re trying to get inspired and get out of a rut is to remove whatever is causing bad energy for you. If you work at a job that you feel mediocre, and you have not received any kind of positive feedback for your efforts. That’s something that is mainly drawing your inspiration away. Inspiration comes from being motivated to accomplish something. It is something that thrills you and makes you want to do something. Another great way to gain inspiration is by recognizing what makes you flow into a vibe. What are you passionate about, and what is the one thing that makes you get up in the morning? “Use these tools and motives as a drive to help you understand what you want,” says Lisa Capre of CapreLife Global.

Last but not least, to gain inspiration similar to anything else, hard work is essential. Once you’re inspired make sure that you’re putting in the effort to eventually get what you want. If you have an idea? Research shows that individuals/humans are the most positive when they are productive. Use that as a guide to help you and start by taking care of yourself and your goals. This is the most critical factor in working hard and achieving your goals. Believe in your goals and believe that you can be creative to fix anything that comes your way. It is all in your mindset.



CapreLife Global Shares 3 Ways to Bounce Back From Adversities

CapreLife Global Shares 3 Ways to Bounce Back From Adversities

We all go through some form of difficulties in life. At CapreLife Global, we know that adversities break an individual down. To lose something so cherished or have it destroyed in natural disasters, for example, is stressful and sad. We’re here to remind and share that you will always bounce back because these things can be fixed or rebuilt. It’s just your mindset that will need help your recovery afterward,” says Lisa Capre, managing director of CapreLife Global. Sometimes things do not go as planned, but it’s always important to remember that with the right amount of determination, you can prevail.

As human beings, we need the ability to go with the flow rather than go against it and cause ourselves harm. By understanding this, life will go a tad bit better than planned and you’ll be able to bounce back strongly. “Our representatives at CapreLife Global know that it takes a lot of mental effort to deal with hardships and disappointments. Here are some ways to help you get back up after facing adversities.

Positive Words

Your words mean a lot. Words hit harder than actions most times. Whatever you say to yourself, you make yourself believe. “If you say negative things, then negativity will linger in your mind and if you lean towards positivity than positivity will linger on your mind,” says Lisa Capre of CapreLife Global. Have positive talks with yourself. Maintain a happy mantra when you see that you’re being hit with a negative situation.

Support System

Talk to friends and family during hard times. Studies show that when you confide in someone stress leans off you because you don’t feel as alone in the world. “This tactic helps us cope better with problems, talking about psychological aspects of adversities, how they make you feel and act,” says Lisa Capre of CapreLife Global.

Don’t let Your Problems Define Who You Are

Last but not least, no one likes failure, but setbacks do shape us into better human beings. When life gives you rotten apples, just be vigilant about not letting life put you down.

CapreLife Global Shares The Importance of Self-Love and Confidence

CapreLife Global Shares The Importance of Self-Love and Confidence

Valentines Day was just a few days ago, and we know how important that is for couples and romantics. The most prominent assumption that revolves around Valentine’s Day is the fact that couples and people in love should be the only ones that enjoy it. However, that is not necessarily true. “At CapreLife Global, we believe that Valentine Day is also for those that want to do activities for themselves. Whether it may be taking yourself out to dinner with friends, alone or just buying yourself something really nice. Real love and confidence begins with yourself and you alone,” says Lisa Capre, managing director of CapreLife Global.

According to Success Magazine’s article on Self-Love, the writer Cecilia Mels writes about few tips that’ll help develop the characteristics of self-love: “Carve out time for yourself. It can be as simple as a warm bath before bed or 15 minutes to read your favorite book every morning. You can’t expect to love anyone else if you don’t love yourself first. Be vulnerable. Opening yourself up to love and a true connection is difficult. We spend years, even decades, building walls against the possibility of pain. Set aside time to connect with your partner or close friend by reading a page from your journal or sharing past memories. Let go of control. Attempting to control our lives is not only ineffective, it’s also our ego proclaiming that we don’t need help. Practice daily control-releasing exercises. For example, the next time you’re running late for a meeting and everything seems to be going wrong, stop, take a deep breath and release your perceived control.”

“These are just some of the ways to help develop self-love and confidence. It’s an important key factor that develops happiness from within and not through the means of other individuals,” says Lisa Capre of CapreLife Global. We’re always in tune with our well being at CapreLife Global, and know that confidence and success only happen when we allow it happen for us through our mindset and self-understanding.




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CapreLife Global’s December Reflection

CapreLife Global’s December Reflection

From time to time, CapreLife Global likes to look back and reflect on how far we’ve come. Whether it may be personal goals or professional ones, the evidence that you’ve made it means the world. Recently at CapreLife Global, our CEO has shared with us some of her reflections over the time. December is a month where we have one month left for the New Year, and it’s great to sit down and reevaluate, as well as feel proud of your accomplishments.


“Passionate I am about the life I live, and how each and every day I am so grateful for so many life experiences that I create on a daily basis. How stronger I become when the most challenging events are thrown my way, and how amazing it is to sit back at the end of the day/ week and realize you have become stronger again by facing those challenges and seeing the beauty within every one of them.

See December for me means life. Being a December baby, born December 22, I am so grateful for my life thus far and how I can look back and proudly say… I have no regrets. I am grateful for my friends, family and extremely grateful for every opportunity that has come my way, every challenge that has made me the person I am today building my strength to become a powerful businesswoman who will not stop until I accomplish all my life goals and successes. How I will not give up, and wake up every morning being thankful for Life! Not many of us do this, and most of us need to remember we get one opportunity to live it… so why not make the most of it.

With that being said, let’s live and love life to its absolute fullest, be proud of where we are and of our accomplishments and don’t look back at the what if’s… because we have so much more to look forward to. Let’s celebrate this festive season being grateful for where we are today…” says CEO of CapreLife Global.


Having gratitude not only keeps you humble, but it brings in room for more success and more positivity. It’s clear that those that are grateful are more happier than those that do not see anything as positive. “Reflecting on how far I have come, and how great everything has been so far leaves room for more and happiness,” says CEO of Caprelife Global.


CapreLife Global’s Ceo is from Australia, lived in NY, Chicago and now Miami

CapreLife Global’s Ceo is from Australia, lived in NY, Chicago and now Miami

CapreLife Global’s CEO tells us to live to the fullest. There is always something to explore, something to see and never-ending possibilities. It’s also important to make sure you’re taking chances and feeling that you have lived. “Being from Australia, and then living in NYC, Chicago and now Miami — I consider myself to be pretty well acquainted with travel and some cities. It’s great to be in an industry that allows travel for business and leisure just becomes a part of it,” says the CEO of CapreLife Global. There are various perks to travel that science proves to be valid. Many people assume that living in different cities over the span of their life and moving around too much causes a restless mind. That’s on the contrary, being able to live in different cities is a privilege and gift. “Experiencing the vibe, different cultures and ways of living everyday life is something special,” says the CEO of CapreLife Global.


One of the reasons why travel/living in different cities is beneficial is that it generally makes you healthier. Travel will decrease your risk of heart disease. When we’re away from home, it creates a type of tension release and less anxiety. Think of it this way, when you take a vacation — are you stressed out and worrying about what’s going on at home? Or do take vacations to relax and get away? It’s a break basically from your everyday life, and studies show that individuals that traveled more often were less likely to have a heart attack or develop heart disease.


Another great reason is that travel keeps your immune system boosted. When we’re always in one environment, we’re acquainted with only one type of exposure. Being around different cities and environments means that our immune system is always challenged and being used to different things. “Studies even indicate that your body adapts to new bacteria in new places making you stronger,” says the CEO of CapreLife Global. Overall, the benefits of travel outweigh the negative aspects of it. We recommend taking any and every chance to see other places, live in different cities — and be the best version of yourself.

CapreLife Global Loves The Winning Mentality

CapreLife Global Loves The Winning Mentality

We love that our representatives play hard and work harder. At CapreLife Global, we believe that greatness appears in an individual’s life with making a significant change, accountability and real focus. However, understand that you can be great and instilling that mindset is the first step. “Recently, our client in the telecoms industry gave two brand new flat screen TV’s for two people with a winning mentality,” mentions CapreLife Global. This is important because once our clients notice a winning mentality, that means that we have it. What is a winning mentality though? For us at CapreLife Global, a winning mentality happens when individuals try and strive to be the best they can be. There’s always something you can do to be better than you are, deep down you’ll be reminded of that also.


“Training your mind to understand the importance of a challenge, focusing on practicing successful habits, and implementing these valuable tools into your life — this is something that helps us figure out what we need to do to be successful and keep going,” says CapreLife Global. Take a look at athletes, why is LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers so successful? It’s his winning mentality and confidence to be better each day. Whenever he is asked about his performance, he makes sure to mention that he can be better — which is a great factor to realize. The understanding that having a winner’s mentality will get you far and help you develop your goals is crucial.


Give yourself credit as well, from time to time when you know that you’re putting in the work to achieve what you want, make sure to note it down. Strive for continuous improvement and commit to being the person that makes up for any gaps or adversity coming your way. Being successful does not come easy and a winning mentality does not come easy. “Once you develop good habits and the mindset of confidence to achieving anything you put your mind towards, that’s when you can say you have a winner’s attitude and mentality.


CapreLife Global Discusses The Value of Gratitude

CapreLife Global Discusses The Value of Gratitude

“When was the last time you felt satisfied and genuinely content with life? It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the bad and let the good go unnoticed. However, there are various studies and research that help us understand that gratitude is one of the most indispensable qualities a person can practice,” says managing director of CapreLife Global. Scientifically proven research shows the effect of gratitude. “Through the ability to practice gratitude, we’re able to see reasonably, transparently, positivity and more happily,” says CapreLife Global.


Expressing Gratitude Strengthens Relationships


On Success Magazine, writer Najma Khorrami talks about gratitude being necessary. She says, “Robert Emmons, Ph.D., a gratitude researcher, writes, “When you become truly aware of the value of your friends and family members, you are likely to treat them better, perhaps producing an ‘upward spiral,’ a sort of positive feedback loop, in which strong relationships give you something to be grateful for, and in turn fortifying those very same relationships. Healthy relationships make us happy. How? According to the longest-running study on human development by Harvard University, the No. 1 predictor of health and happiness in a person’s life is the quality of their relationships.” This is such a great reminder. “It’s proven on a real level. Appreciation and gratitude does strengthen connections,” says CapreLife Global.


Expressing Gratitude Leads to Well-Being


Khorrami also mentions that “Researchers from the University of California, Davis and the University of Miami found that after regularly expressing gratitude for ten weeks, study participants reported feeling more optimistic about their lives. Optimism, in turn, has been shown to be a life-lengthening trait in a recent Harvard University study. Regarding the impact on overall health, one study found that “Optimism may significantly influence mental and physical well-being by the promotion of a healthy lifestyle….” The whole well-being seems to be influenced by optimism, which can be strengthened by gratitude.


Gratitude Brings Positive Emotions


Making sure that we are practicing gratitude does help us feel more brighter and positive. It changes our perspective over time. Research clearly shows that gratuity is known to increase dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, which give us the feeling of contentment,” says CapreLife Global


CapreLife Global Shares Mastering Communication & Listening Better

CapreLife Global Shares Mastering Communication & Listening Better

“Lack of communication, negative situations, mistakes and ineffective decisions happen in a group environment. In our industry, communication is essential for growth. To grow and do good, we need to be able to effectively get your point across and make sure the other person is listening. It goes both ways because one should be a good listener and know when to speak/not speak,” says CapreLife Global. At CapreLife Global we make sure to mention the effectivity of good communication at most of our meetings. Even the best listeners and talkers need a reminder now and then. “The best listeners have difficulty remembering what was said to them. This is because we only maintain a little of what we hear overtime,” says CapreLife Global.


A recent study shows that students and business professionals were asked to reveal what they had heard during a conference. They revealed that only 50% of what was heard was dropped and the retention was dropped later to 25%! Which is insane and shows the mastering communication and listening better are crucial for growth in our industry. Job hirers and companies are looking for people with the keen ability to listen. “It is crucial when you’re learning a job because you’ll interact better in a group environment if you are able to listen well and speak when the right moment comes,” says CapreLife Global.


One great quality that individuals have is listening to a speaker with care, understanding and empathy. Trying to see the situation from the speaker’s point of view and not making them feel like they are irrelevant. This comes in very importantly in our industry because our representatives can master the art of communication through just as simple as listening effectively. BEcoming a better listener takes practice and time, but it also sharpens your skills. So the next time you’re in a conversation, make sure you keep the conversation going and flowing by as simple as listening and asking the speaker about them.

CapreLife Global Shares “Leaders Can Shape Company Culture Through Their Behaviors”

CapreLife Global Shares “Leaders Can Shape Company Culture Through Their Behaviors”

Can you remember a manager, boss, or superior that was one of the greatest leaders you have ever met? These types of individuals move another person’s perspective, and it makes sense as to why a company culture works through them. “It’s because of business leaders that are exceptionally awesome that their company culture becomes great as well,” says managing director of CapreLife Global. Company culture has been a huge topic recently. We’ve all heard of the very cool perks workers have when they work for Google or Facebook. “Company culture should make representatives want to stay and be around as much as possible. It makes work a kind of sanctuary that provides a comfort zone for professionalism; while getting your tasks accomplished on the daily,” says CapreLife Global.


According to the Harvard Business Review, an article called “Leaders Can Shape Company Culture Through Their Behaviors” by Jim Whitehurst writes “For me, an organizational culture is defined by how people inside the organization interact with each other. Culture is learned behavior — it’s not a by-product of operations. It’s not an overlay. We create our organizational culture by the actions we take; not the other way around […] Picture the following scenario. A group of executives decides that their organizational culture needs to become more “customer focused.” But when you look at the agenda of their meetings, there’s no time devoted to discussing how they can improve their customers’ experience. And how much time do those executives actually spend out in the field, visiting customers, let alone fielding calls from them? If these executives prioritize something other than customers in their behavior, don’t you think the rest of the organization will follow suit?”


“This is a great example. Company culture should run on what you want to achieve. If your vision is to have a focus on certain things such as client satisfaction or reaching high targets, your culture should aim to have the sort of mindset and environment for your workers to see how to achieve this goal,” says CapreLife Global. It’s a leader’s job of the company to implement this type of behavior so that the outcome results in that type of company culture. Whitehurst also writes, “The point is that building an innovative culture starts by looking at how you behave as a leader toward those trying to innovate. The same is true about any kind of culture: It all begins with the behavior of your leaders. To say that another way, if you are interested in changing the culture of your organization, your first step should be to look in the mirror and make sure you are setting the kind of behavioral example you want everyone else to follow.” “This ensures that leaders have a huge role in their company, not just the worker’s actions. But working together and having a good mindset produces results,” says CapreLife Global.