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CapreLife Global Shares How To Be Optimistic

CapreLife Global Shares How To Be Optimistic

In the midst of feeling negativity, there is always a ray of hope somewhere. “Many times we have various reasons to feel hopeless, negative and helpless when we’re faced with a challenge. But there are various tactics to help you combat these negative feelings. How you move forward depends on your ability to think optimistically,” says managing director of CapreLife Global At CapreLife Global, our motto is very simple. Positivity leads positive results. It doesn’t matter that you’ve come across a challenge. You can either let the challenge defeat your spirits, or you can build up the courage to combat any hurdles you’re facing. “Individuals that have passions and goals need to understand that negativity and struggles are temporary, they can be tackled with a strong mindset and positive vibe,” says CapreLife Global.


CapreLife Global has come up with a few tactics to help with tackling negativity and lead a more optimistic mindset. Not only will it be resourceful for your future, but you will accomplish a lot.


Take Action


One of the best ways to defeat a negative vibe is by taking action towards better things. For example, instead of feeling bad that you failed, find a way or make a plan to try a different strategy. Make a decision to do certain things to make yourself feel better about what is troubling you.




“This is probably the simplest but hardest things to do. Many times we have difficulties because we fail to acknowledge that we have so many blessings, take a moment to think of all the good things you have and that keeps you hoping for good things,” says CapreLife Global.


Listen and Inspire Yourself


Read inspirational books, blogs, and articles. Make sure you find ways to keep yourself inspired. Find a new hobby? Inspiration keeps us up and about, helps us accomplish a purpose as well.


CapreLife Global Shares The Importance of Balance in Lifestyle

CapreLife Global Shares The Importance of Balance in Lifestyle

Many individuals understand that the key to have a successful lifestyles lays in the fact that a person must commit to bringing balance of each aspect of their life. “It’s extremely important to invest time in yourself for a healthy professional work and play lifestyle. Activities such as the gym, reading an inspirational book, work, surrounding yourself with great people that have similar drive and ambitions. These are all key factors to help you in bringing an active aspect within your life,” says managing director of CapreLife Global.

At CapreLife global we like to promote healthy mind, body and attitude habits. Our representatives know the value of having balance personally and professionally. “I’ve noticed that once you maintain or develop that balance criterion, everything else tends to flow. I learn things better and feel like I am hitting all my goals to the highest level,” says CapreLife Global.


“Recently while finding the balance I need, I’ve discovered the value of networking. It has opened the doorway to make sure I surround myself with like-minded, goal-getters” says CapreLife Global. The American Gala award show is presenting itself this month, and it’s the perfect opportunity to network with business owners, potential new leaders, and innovators in our field. Two representatives from CapreLife Global will be given a chance to attend and meet all these phenomenal leaders. “My main thing is to keep learning constantly. Whether it may be through networking or to develop balance. There needs to be a drive to learn and capability of constantly absorbing new positive energy,” says CapreLife Global.


Through developing our lifestyle balance, we come across the value of networking and how important it is to take lessons from those that have been down the same route as you. Success always inspires CapreLife Global and knowing that people can accomplish great things through the same process as we are in, is something very comforting and competitive to look forward to. “Being able to better yourself constantly and find a flow personally and professionally will help your progress from being useful to becoming extraordinary,” notes CapreLife Global.


CapreLife Global Shares 5 Motivational Quotes

CapreLife Global Shares 5 Motivational Quotes

“We’ve all made excuses time and time again. For example, “I’ll start the gym tomorrow, I am too busy today,” this is a typical example of someone pushing something off and making an excuse saying they are busy. Most of the time, this person won’t even end up going “tomorrow,” unless they truly decide to motivate themselves,” says managing director of CapreLife Global. At CapreLife Global, we don’t believe in excuses. Excuses are merely self-made hurdles you create for yourself that are in between you and your dreams. “I always tell my team that if you want to accomplish something, hit high numbers or just, in general, be better for yourself, you need to start by eliminating excuses and getting motivated by the fact that you can do whatever you set your mind to,” says CapreLife Global. Our representatives at CapreLife Global have come with 5 of the best motivational quotes to help us stay away from excuses and on the route to success.


“Never make excuses. Your friends don’t need them, and your foes won’t believe them.” ―John Wooden


“Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” ―George Washington Carver


“A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.” —John Burroughs


“The trouble with excuses is that they become inevitably difficult to believe after they’ve been used a couple of times.” ―Scott Spencer


“Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. Never excuse yourself.” ―Henry Ward Beecher

CapreLife Global Shares The Importance of Personal Growth

CapreLife Global Shares The Importance of Personal Growth

Studies show that when people become better individuals from within, they become better workers, representatives and business partners at work. Research indicates that 13% of workers are fully motivated at work. “People can’t help but act on emotional responses. They are among those rationalize their behaviors but when it comes to truly getting the fullest potential from your representatives, it’s important to let them understand the importance of personal growth,” says managing director of CapreLife Global. Let’s think about it, when you see most movies and shows, you always notice how company leaders and bosses overwork their representatives or the worker feels underappreciated which leads them to feel miserable at work. “Too often, business leaders will train and assume to get profits through those individuals without any personal connection,” says CapreLife Global.


At CapreLife Global, we value all our representatives. We believe that training is just the basic. The most important aspect of what they learn is how they can adjust and build themselves to succeed. Personal development for workers can lead to big plays in the overall success of a company. Research done by S. Chris Edmonds (Author of The Culture Engine) states, “ His client created and communicated its core values and then held senior leaders accountable for implementing the new cultural standard. Within six months, conflicts, absenteeism, rework, and grievances declined 60 percent. Within a year, efficiency had improved by more than 40 percent.” It all starts by changing your environment and making it more approachable to your representatives.


“One of the most important things we value at CapreLife is the basis of interaction and communication. It’s said so many times that communication is essential, but we often ignore things and don’t fully use it. Our representatives know that being communicative is the best approach to letting everything flow smoothly. They know the effects of good interaction and the balance it keeps at our company,” says CapreLife Global. Another important factor is creating a learning type of space. We love the fact that we’re able to train individuals into achieving their goals as well as becoming better from within. It gives them confidence knowing they are guided and helped, but also independent! This is why we put personal development first because when our representatives value themselves and see that they can grow, everything around us will grow also!

CapreLife Global Shares TED Talks: ‘How to Speak So That People Want to Listen’

CapreLife Global Shares TED Talks: ‘How to Speak So That People Want to Listen’

In a recent TED Talks event, a speaker Julian Treasure talked about the importance of speaking powerfully. He says, “Many times we speak, but the other person isn’t listening. How can we speak more powerfully to make sure we’re being heard?” At CapreLife Global, we want all our representatives to communicate effectively. “Being able to come through with the right type of communication can land you clients and customers, which will enable you to do your task more efficiently,” says managing director of CapreLife Global. Julian Treasure says there area number of habits that make you less heard. These conversation killers is what make people hard to listen to: gossiping, judging, negativity, excuses and complaining. These are some of the methods of speaking that you need to stay away from. It can be hard to avoid these types of conversation methods, but there are many ways to make sure you are not losing your listener.


Treasure says “There are four imperative foundations to stand on to make our speak powerful and change the world. And that comes from the word HAIL.” HAIL stands for honesty, authenticity, integrity and love. “The important idea behind these things is that it allows you to be clear and transparent in what you’re trying to convey. When you’re able to be straightforward but still present it with a type of clearness is establishes trust and the audience wants to listen,” notes CapreLife Global. Some methods that Treasure mentions to help accommodate HAIL is by instruments such as, Register. He says, “If you want weight, you need to go down here to chest… We vote for politicians with lower voices; it’s true because we associate depth with power and authority. That’s register.” Another one is Timbre, “This is the way your voice feels. Research shows that we prefer voices that are rich, smooth, warm, like hot chocolate.” says Treasure. Finally, one of the others is called Pace and Pitch. Treasure says this is explained by “I can get very excited by saying something really quickly, or I can slow right down to emphasize…. Of course, pitch often goes along with pace to indicate arousal.”


“These are the perfect tools for individuals that are trying to better their speaking and be heard well by listeners. Our business partners work hard on maintaining their communication skills. It’s essential because most of what we do is speaking. But we want to make sure we’re being heard,” says CapreLife Global. HAIL is perfect when complemented with instruments such as register, timbre, pace and pitch. These things together will help you to be a better speaker. It’ll help you establish your words clearer, and the results will show once these have been thoroughly implemented. This TED Talks has given us extra trips as business leaders to make sure we’re being heard. We highly recommend watching it for some valuable information!

CapreLife Global Shares The Importance of Being Decisive

CapreLife Global Shares The Importance of Being Decisive

“The most important quality that leaders and business owners should have is the ability to be decisive. Many times we’re faced with situations that require our instinct and strategic problem-solving skills to come with a solution,” says Managing Director of CapreLife Global. In the business industry and entrepreneurship, it’s important imperative that you embody the quality of being decisive. Since many people are not, this will give an edge when it comes to what you want from yourself and your goals. At CapreLife Global, our goal is to make all our representatives savvier when it comes to making decisions. It’s because of like-minded and strategic thinkers in our company that we consider ourself to be one of the best. “There’s 3 ways to become a person that’s decisive. We did some thinking, and we found that these three ways will help you become more firm with your decisions and help your future,” says CapreLife Global.


  1. Your time is valuable. It’s important to do things at your pace and when you believe you can accomplish them. Many people expect such speed nowadays that they forget not everyone runs the same way. While others can make decisions faster, some are not. In this case, you often will feel pressured to make a decision and many times you’ll make the wrong one. But you should know that you can give your answer and decision when you decide when you are ready. “Don’t let anyone rush you into making bad decisions, that comes from you and entirely yourself at the end of the day,” mentions CapreLife Global.
  2. Map your route. It’s so much easier to make a clear decision when you know what you want. When you’re trying to plan out your route to achieve a goal or make a decision, make sure you list everything down. Create a strategy for yourself, that way you are prepared every step of the way. This has helped tremendously at CapreLife Global, and after building a foundation, it’s easier to make quick and better decisions.
  3. Find out what causes hesitation. Usually, indecisiveness derives from uncertainty and fear. Based off that, figure out why you can’t make a decision about something. Is it your instinct telling you it’s a bad move? Or is it fear that is making you unable to move forward. In any case, find the confidence to understand the root of your problem and make an effort to eliminate that factor and clear your route.


CapreLife Global Shares Ways to Empower Women in the Workplace

CapreLife Global Shares Ways to Empower Women in the Workplace

Many women are all about feminism and women rule. “But this only goes as far as sharing a Facebook post, a quote and just mere words. Words not followed by action are useless and don’t mean a thing,” mentions Managing Director of CapreLife Global. It’s such a powerful thing in our day and time that women have risen higher and have the ability to recognize what they deserve. “We’ve had marches, strikes, equal pay day and various events that have put forth the idea that women will fight back and we have,” says CapreLife Global. So what can you do, instead of watching from the sidelines and nod your head? What can be done to show that we’re serious and especially in the workplace how can we acknowledge each other’s presence and empower each other while staying competitive?


CapreLife Global knows that there are various ways to show and empower women in the workplace. It starts one step at a time, and we’ve gathered 3 for you try out next time you meet your fellow female colleague!


  1. Look at women as human beings. When you see a man and woman, there are distinct differences but stop thinking of each other as different genders. See each as they are, human. “A common thing I’ve noticed among many people is that they tend to call out people by mentioning their gender. It doesn’t matter if your MD is a male or female, it matters that they are human, so treat them that way and remove the gender aspect. It’ll instantly give respect,” mentions CapreLife Global.
  2. Shake hands. Many women, do not shake each other’s hands. That needs to change when you meet a fellow female make sure you introduce yourself next time and shake their hand! It’ll make a difference, we know it. write, “This may sound trivial, but impressions are formed on both sides in a greeting and perception becomes a reality. If you are acting like or treated like a delicate flower in your shake, that sets the tone for what follows.”
  3. Appreciate and boost each other. “Many times people, in general, don’t give proper recognition, acknowledging each other’s success as a woman is truly empowering. It makes unity a real thing and shows that you are not alone and others are happy that you’re doing well,” says CapreLife Global. Capre makes sure to do this with her business partners and ensures everyone is rising above themselves and helping each other along the way. That’s how you reach empowerment.
CapreLife Global’s Opening in Miami

CapreLife Global’s Opening in Miami

The rise of female entrepreneurs and business owners just gets bigger and bigger as the years are passing on. Recently, the Managing Director of CapreLife Global has opened a new business at the Miami location. This is exciting for various reasons. Miami has been named as the city of entrepreneurs. An article we read, “Within the past five years, Miami has become known both as the of opportunity for business founders, the ideal place to start a business. Add to the mix the legions of incubators, accelerators, and resources available to all entrepreneurs sprouting up Downtown and in Midtown, and it’s clear why women are choosing en masse to locate their startups in Miami.”

“Miami is in need of fresh innovation and it’s great to grab this opportunity by its roots. I’ve noticed the growth and steady resources available that make it the best place for opening a business,” mentions CapreLife Global. There are thriving entrepreneurs that support others of their same kind, and CapreLife Global has chosen to be a part of this success. Many people look over this city and do not revitalize the benefits. “It’s an opportunity to rebuild the city and provide opportunities to make it great,” mentions CapreLife Global. CapreLife’s CEO believes that this day and age is ideal for entrepreneurs and in particular for women, it’s a vast ocean of growth and opportunities. Studies have shown that “Since 1997, the number of women-owned firms in the U.S. has increased by 67.8 percent while the number of men-owned firms grew by 34.4 percent.”

This didn’t just happen overnight. Hard work, struggle, and fierce attitude have lead entrepreneurs to pave their way into cities like Miami. Due to that, CapreLife Global knows that this is the perfect location with numerous benefits. We’re excited about the growth this will provide for us, and in time we hope to expand more. “This was merely the first step of a long-term goal; there are many more accomplishments to be made and many more struggles to be overcome. For now, this city will be great, I am confident in that,” notes CapreLife Global.

CapreLife on Growing Strong as a Leader

CapreLife on Growing Strong as a Leader

It seems as though every industry has ‘catch words’ that become trendy in any given generation and today one of those phrases that you will probably hear more often than you’d like is ‘company culture.’ However, even though it is quickly becoming cliché, there is a lot to be said for developing a company culture and the biggest part of the process is through growing strong leaders. Here, director of CapreLife marketing group, discusses his take on growing strong leaders to develop and promote your company culture from within.

“Company culture is all about developing a sort of society within your organization that works well together towards a common goal. This takes strong leadership because companies are only as strong as their leaders. Becoming strong as a leader doesn’t happen overnight, however, and quite often you will need to step back and practice patience. Whether in conflict resolution or processes that aren’t being followed, sometimes a sign of strength is having the ability to take a few deep breaths before blowing off steam. A strong leader is patient” says our CEO.

CapreLife also knows that a strong leader needs top notch talent. Strong leaders take the time to recruit the best of the best because a good leader knows that they can’t be expert in everything nor can they be all things to all people. A strong leader will not feel threatened by talented work mates but will encourage them to be the best that they can be for the benefit of the whole. Or put another way, the combined efforts of talented people are the backbone of a company’s culture, strength in numbers so to speak.

CapreLife’s CEO also says that strong leaders are not afraid to go to conventions and will be the first to try new ideas. “It is really okay to try something different,” she states, “because that is what innovation is in the end, new and better ideas and processes.” This is a concept that CapreLife knows well as a group of entrepreneurs seeking to make their mark in direct marketing. Through their efforts and innovative approaches to marketing, they are able to grow their clients’ market share and radically increase their bottom line.

Finally, CapreLife’s CEO advises that strong leaders know their limitations and should make sure to take time off for a bit of rest and relaxation. Unless you take time off to refresh the mind and body you can quickly burn out. “How can you coach others to become all that they can be if you are running on empty yourself?” he asks. A strong leader will be one who is able to bring others along with him or her as a way of paying their successes forward. Someone gave them the opportunity to grow as a leader and now it is up to them to begin mentoring others to step into leadership positions. With a group of strong leaders, the entire company will succeed and that’s a company culture to strive for.